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What ingredients are inside the products?

All our products are water-based. They contain a variety of active ingredients such as anti-oxidants and niacinimide which boost collagen production, forming natural barriers in your skin.

Additionally, our Gold and Silver Ampoules contain real gold and silver, while our Rice Extract Lotion contains oryza sativa bran extract (rice extract) which hydrates and softens the skin.

Check out our instagram for more details about each product! All ingredients used in our products are listed on the packaging.

What if I have oily or dry skin?

Our ampoules are suitable for all skin types! This means our formula accommodates for both oily and dry skin types.

However, as everyone's skin requires different things, if you have sensitive skin, we recommend you to try a patch test.

When do I use the ampoule in my skincare routine?

Our fav skin routine consists of the following steps:

1. Cleanse!

2. Prep your skin with the Gold Toner and wait until it is fully absorbed.

3. Take a moderate amount of ampoule (around 5 drops depending on your skin type) and gently pat into your face and neck.

4. Moisturise using our Rice Extract Lotion by massaging in a circular motion.

5. Enjoy your fresh, glowing complexion!

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